Sunday, February 10, 2008

3 Reasons To Try Erectile Dysfunction Drug Alternatives

Viagra has been the dominant drug in the treatment of impotence for decades. But there are now new alternatives that are on the market. Here are 3 good reasons for these alternatives to solve the problem. There are far too many scam products on the Internet, by the end of this article, you will discover that the cure impotence is a legitimate and effective.

1 Viagra alternatives do not have side effects.

If you Viagra, you probably know already that Viagra can lead to what many side effects. They lived, and believe me, they are not welcome. Some common side effects of Viagra are headaches, flushing, dizziness, sneezing, dyspepsia and tarnish and loss of vision.

Some side effects are severe priapism (painful and harmful health condition, what happens when the penis is not kept on his return from the state), abnormally low blood pressure, myocardial infarction, stroke, and even Sudden Death. He also rare cases of blindness, have pursued these victims, because they believed that the Pfizer Viagra has been the main cause for their loss of vision. Search on Google News for these stories.

The options do not have side effects because they natural ingredients made from plants. Are herbs of the increase in popularity and effectiveness of today, because it may not lead to the absence of side effects than their counterparts chemicals.

2nd plant Alternatives are cheaper and require no recipe

If you purchased before Viagra (at least legally), you know that you have a recipe for a doctor to purchase drugs. This can be expensive and time consuming. Herbal Viagra alternatives are Over-the-counter, ie, they do not need a recipe. This saves many hours of time.

Viagra may cover the cost of $ 14 per pill, and at any price is lower than the generic. Generic Viagra is the same medication as brand name Viagra, but they are of poorer quality and may be illegal in some parts of the world. Many faux Viagra suppliers were arrested in the United States and in other locations around the world.

Each Viagra without a prescription you purchased it is very likely that falsifying or generic drugs. Herbal Viagra alternatives are Over-the-counter, ie no recipe you need a doctor, and costs only $ 1 per tablet. Working better cost around $ 1.5 per pill.

3rd impotence remedies plants work faster and

There may be about 30 minutes to an hour to work, and to reach the maximum plasma concentration of about 1-2 hours of the date of takeover. It may take more time than if after a high fat meal, and with a very small effect. You can not work, even for some people. Viagra Alternatives only 30-45 minutes to work because of their ingredients made from plants.

Some ingredients made from plants, the vast Sex Booster are ├ępim├ędium reader, also known as Horny Goat Weed, Maca, herbs from Peru, has more than 50 positive benefits for the human body. These well-known herbs are very convenient for the men in their sexual orientation and the overall health of life expectancy.

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Anti-impotence drugs such as Viagra, Cialis et al and specific surgical procedures are effective for treating erectile dysfunction in men but these therapies are not completely devoid of side-effects and hence Viagra and other medicines can be harmful to a certain degree. However, in spite of opting for these erectile dysfunction treatments, if you consider using arginine, Propionyl-L carnitine and other natural remedies,you would remain considerably benefited as these natural supplements don`t yield side-effects and also provide you sufficient relief from erectile dysfunction.