Sunday, February 10, 2008

Alternative Therapy - Cure Through Dream Analysis

Rooms are very important, the images of the unconscious psyche of man, to send information and guidance to the human conscience.

The reason they are incomprehensible to the human conscience is that there is a wild in the human soul, psychological, most of his and it is absolutely absurd and wrong. This is a very violent and primitive consciousness, which today still active in the field of mental health. This is not a distant fossil: it is a direct enemy.

The Indians aware that I designate the anti-conscience, because it is contrary to human conscience, constantly tried to conquer and dominate the human conscience, destroy, madness for him.

The mysterious sage unconscious sends messages to the human conscience, because the anti-conscious distortions that might make sense, if it is understood by the human conscience. The unconscious has its own language, human consciousness, learning to decipher.

Carl Jung in search of a great dream, and he discovered symbols really translate the language of the unconscious.

I put her conclusion of its research and simplify its complex and opaque, the dream of the analysis. He was a pioneer in his field: for example, it may not be as clear as I am.

I found his work done, and I followed in his footsteps and found the anti-wild, conscience and the only cure for schizophrenia and psychoses.

Through the analysis of dream that everybody can be cured of all diseases. We can prevent, depression, suicidal tendencies and the madness, which, in addition to the discovery of cures for our physical illnesses, because wisdom, that the unconscious product of dreams is a doctor who tries to warn us against the reign of the Anti-wild conscience and know precisely what is necessary to ensure our livelihood is not wild, dominated by the awareness that the disease causes dangerous.

The reason is that all diseases are the result of errors, ignorant of human consciousness and selfish, if the reign of the Anti-consciousness by paying for the attention of his bad proposals that are not of this nature and in this way the beginning. They are disguised in the form of intelligent solutions to the problems of people.

The mind and body are interconnected and interdependent. Everything that is related to our planet, because there are several systems that attempt to protect human consciousness of madness, as inherited from the folly of man is in the field of mental health to deteriorate further, and develops as a person. All these systems operate in information to the people and to cure or their messages which can be translated in the same way as dreams.

Through the analysis of dreams, as unconscious aid to the human conscience, development, all its properties and the person ceases to make mistakes, which leads to the disease later.

That's why we can cure strange events, which nobody can diagnose with this method. All diseases are unknown origin and a cure, we can find that the analysis of the person, dreams and their biography.

Craziness prevent depression and by the scientific method of discovery dreams, Carl Jung and simplify Sponias Christina, a writer, a continuation of the search for young unknown in the region of the human mind.

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