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"Herbitual" Awakening - Hidden Clues To Alternative Healing Could Be In Your Kitchen Right Now!

As a vegetarian, I am often asked the question: "How did you get your protein without eating meat?" I answer this question, because I know at this point, there is a chance change someone's life forever. Regarding the first, the reason why I am a vegetarian not do it with antibiotics and hormones are treated with pesticides that infected animals or the food they are fed .

My reasons for the first period was the result of an awakening, I am while watching pictures of life, raw, organic food in their natural state with a special camera. Kirlian photography I showed electric power, which contain these foods before they are cooked and the chemical modification or microwave, and it was at this point that I noted that the real answer to the longevity , anti-aging, health and there are just a sense of everyday life it was, some of these foods in my diet.

I began to learn all I could about health and nutrition. Herbs, especially my attention, because I noticed that some of those qualities of herbs was great, and could indeed change on the whole of my life by increasing my energy at the quantum scale . In addition, help me, I have a great influence on other people who are open to hear from some of these herbs. I went to a San Diego Chargers game is not too long, given that most people are aware of these games are filled with carnivorous magnet supporters, the tailgate for hours, alcohol drinking and eat meat and bread of pounds.

I arrived at one, was a photographer. It was filled with a thirst for life, but little energy. He had just eaten large quantities of meat and, in fact, he was overweight and he was older than done. I had a bag with food and Goji berries Overhead I tell him that he ate only meat for protein, and it has, indeed, is not really for him. He himself was deeply wrong, it was probably for him. I told him that the Goji berries are a nutritionally rich fruits and herbs on the planet, and it was a complete protein with all essential amino acids that is rich in fiber and micronutrients, it is a good source of vitamin - C - And iron-and it was a great Snack Food. It was not known that Goji berries has not yet been given and excited to hear that his local health authorities groceries. At the moment, he said to me, he would probably never eat meat, and wanted to know more about the other high-protein foods based placement. This story, and many others have a motivation for me, and wrote articles and books about superfoods, herbs and welfare.

There is no danger that our modern food supply is not in rich foods, which was in the past and that we are bombarded with remedies for pharmaceuticals, most of our illnesses. I have noticed that a large number of herbs, I think I have the qualities unique drugs can lead to what these extremes and health on the way to a rich, successful in life by increasing your energy and your own body helps to ensure that your patient. Health must be a priority for you. I often tell people, as confused and vague, like me, you have a lot of paths and roads, before you can choose to meet you. But if it does not lead to that the health of these extremes, you have chosen the wrong path.

Like herbs, berries Goji around for thousands of years, have been used, and medicine by the ancient civilizations to help their kings and queens get rid of diseases. Bay Goji is of particular importance because it is for me, that I am the grass for the first time in Kirlian photography. Goji The Bay is a herb, it was used in the history of China for more than 5000 years and is regarded as one of the best (if not the No. 1) in 8000, more 'grass herbs herbs in traditional Chinese medicine. This is a very powerful!

I was fascinated by the health and well-being, since its inception in 1982, as a member of the US Marines, and I knew that if I went, the strict physical and mental training during the heat in the summer in Paris, Iceland, I instruct Nutrition. I read books on vitamins, minerals and herbs. So, I went to the local health authorities in grocery stores and read all labels. My diet was what my family was able to provide food or whatever I could steal. It was not an organic, everything is based dietary foods. It contained a quantity of meat, sweets, Colas, and a lot of alcohol. Anyone a toll on my immune system, my skin and my digestive system. I did not know, Goji berries, if I took part in the Navy, but I learned from others, who helped prepare me for my training then. It should continue to serve as the way I am now train for an Ironman triathlon, which consists of a 2.4-mile swim, followed by 112 miles of cycling and marathon 26.2 miles. This is a total of 140.6 miles to the whole one day. These herbs are not the source of my carbohydrates, but they are just a few of the keys to my immune system strong, a big strong during the year.

The second is an herb well known, and it is herb ginseng. Ginseng is a part of Chinese herbal medicine for over 5000 years. Ginseng strengthens the heart and nervous system. It develops resilience against diseases through enhancing the immune system and has anti-carcinogenic properties. A good quality of ginseng can be as strength and endurance, which is of particular interest for athletes like me.

An interesting story about my two herbs is a man of China under the name of Li Yun Chung lived in 252 years. Overlooking the bay of ginseng, and were part of his daily consumption. He was born in 1678 and died in the year 1930. When he gave a speech at Peking University, he was about 200 years old.

The third is a grassy herb medicine Ayurveda Tulsi from India. This herb is also known as the Saint-Basile. I do not know about you, but you can use any herb, it is an herb best of India is a herb me to learn more. There are a lot of people who live in India, very long life as a result of the many herbs, practicing deep breathing, and with techniques of mediation. These rules help, stress, oxygen and keep the body mind and soul alive. Basil is a sacred adaptability. I like this in a grass, because it helps with stress in many parts of the body, depending on where you need it. It seems that this understanding of the physical strength to me, if I need to make me think more clearly, if I need, and help me if I am tired impression of movement. There are still other adaptogens I am here I am happy, but, more importantly, because of its historical context.

Another great herb garden, I take a quantity of a winter months were held for immunization of normal influenza (as I used to each year.), It is called Reishi Mushroom. I love this complementarity in shape, because I can add the achievement of smoothies before an event, but supports the immune system and respiratory tract. I was the one who received bronchitis could be saved every year. When I started to eat these herbs I was able to learn about all the attacks of bronchitis and the absence of antibiotics, which is important for me, because antibiotics have demonstrated that probiotics (good bacteria) in our intestinal tract.

Another grass is fantastic cinnamon. Cinnamon is known to kill 80% of bacteria, and it is very powerful alkaline properties. The increase in alkalinity is in my opinion one of the best ever to health and the ability to fight against cancer.

It is a herb which is composed of the Amazon known as Cat's Claw, which I recently learned, and there was a huge amount of properties mood. Though what I like most is the anti-virus properties. Who suffers increasingly cold sores or a viral infection, it is necessary to herbs and minerals, anti-virus.

I listened to the silence of Black Walnut hull of one of my favourites. I heard for the first time Black Walnut fuselage when taking Isagenix's purification products. I documented all ingredients in Isagenix and Black Walnut Hull was, I believe, is an important factor, because the ability to clean the toxins and parasites of our digestive system. The importance of the purification is a huge factor in the health and well-being. They led to draw all the bad things that you as a very important first step. The ginger is one of my favourites. As a sportsman, I can experience many of the whole of inflammation as a result of the training. Let me add gingerroot, smoothies, and I think also to certain benefits, including ginger. I do not believe that the incorporation of anti-inflammatories. There are so many natural anti-inflammatory, the inflammation is no longer a problem with myself to keep in shape and the fight against disease.

The power of the grass is already my neighbor for centuries. Garlic is cool. It tastes in community life, is a powerful natural antibiotic, help, your arteries, your heart and your lungs. Although some smells of garlic, it can still be eaten once or twice a week at night. Garlic is your system of tomorrow. If this is not the case, it may be that this is a sign that their work to remove toxins that are attempting to rear of the track. Another alternative is the age of garlic. I love garlic, at the age of 3 or 4 times a week. It is available as a supplement. The form is increasingly raw, but at the age between different can be added, if you wish, to consume more, it was on the basis unique.

My recent recognitions are parsley, oregano and vanilla. All three, they were used for cooking and the aroma for centuries. They are all extremely powerful herbs that support the immune system.

I focus on the few selected herbs in my diet to me highly available, a little known, and easy to consume. There are thousands of herbs, but there is a lot of redundancy in their performances. Nothing could be easier, if it's in the wild, on this planet, and that has survived for thousands of years ... He undoubtedly a great strength in its ability to help us as human beings. The benefits of most herbs are well known and others not. I think a diet, herbs, as well as those discussed in this article can serve as your trip in the direction of a long healthy life!

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