Sunday, February 10, 2008

Complementary and Alternative Treatments for Chickenpox

Food supplements

This is not do much, you have the nature and food in order to improve your well-being or health during a bout of chickenpox, the best thing you can do is simple vegetable broth, fresh fruit juices and drinking beer and powdered yeast proteins added. These are nutrients and help you, your skin in good health as she heals. If you lower the fever, again normalize your appetite. Be nice to your body and begin slowly, eat a banana regime crushed, lawyers, fresh apples and / or yoghurt. Do not eat food cooked or processed.

Varicella, compromise the immune system, so it is important to complete, especially on nutrient building immunities. The daily supplemental nutrition program for adults should help. Parents should familiarize themselves with a health professional to enable them to adjust the doses for children.

Carotenoid blended formula (15000), stimulates the immune system

Vitamin A emulsion (100000 IU for 1 week, then 75000 IU for 1 week, no more than 8000 IU per day, if you are pregnant), an immuno-stimulant, which aids healing tissues, the emulsion is more easy to assimilate

Vitamin C (1000 mg 4 times daily), stimulates the immune system and help reduce fever

Zinc (30 mg is not exceeded, for a total of 100 mg every allowances), extends the immune function


To reduce itching, in conjunction with smallpox, and the wind speed healing ofi bubbles, the benefits of creating a blend of essential oils. For the mixture, 1 teaspoon of any mixture of distilled water and the charm of nuts and 3 drops of the German chamomile, lavender and tea tree oil. Sponge on the bubble as required.


In order to ease the itch of chickenpox crazy, try it with a warm bath to which you add 1 to 2 cups of baking soda or powder raw oats (oats specially designed for the bathtub, there are drugstores ). Enjoy 15 minutes, as gently pat dry, rub or not to increase the itch.

You can also calm itching by applying cool, wet compresses on the affected areas.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

An acupuncture acupuncture usually considered adult chickenpox for a moist heat. With children, the disease is, in general, to enable their readers.

Chinese Herbal Therapy, in most cases, the therapist Chinese herbal chickenpox bupleurium treated with herbs, burdock, peppermint to help swelling and itching that accompany the condition.

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