Sunday, February 10, 2008

Complementary and Alternative Treatments for Cramp


A cramp occurs when muscle tissue suddenly treaties, the establishment of a sudden cramp pain. The muscles of the narrow May stay for a few minutes before returning to its normal position. After cramping, aching muscles, and can also be tender.

Muscle cramps are usually, by the resumption. Someone who spends time writing with a ballpoint pen perhaps feeling cramps in the thumb and first two fingers. An athlete can be a muscle cramp in a calf after the execution more difficult than usual. While physical activity is the main cause of cramps, dehydration can aggravate the condition. Save the water smooth muscle tissue to maintain and, where muscle tissue is dried, it loses its flexibility and hence more susceptible to cramping.

Signs and symptoms

Sudden net pain in the muscles

Wounds or tenderness which, during movement

Visible Muskelspasm

Sensation of media or in the muscle

Conventional medical treatment

Muscle spasms can usually be treated at home. Delicate and permanence massage to relieve muscle, leaks. Once it is resolved, lines of caution. If your muscle cramps is not responding to treatment at home, and lasts more than an hour, talk to your doctor. They should also get in touch with your doctor if you have frequent muscle cramps. The severity of cramps in the shoulders, chest, arms, or may be signs of a myocardial infarction.

Complementary and alternative treatments

Food supplements, and

Eat plenty of dark green and leafy vegetables, such as algae, yeast, and alfalfa.

Muscle spasms can be electrolytes (minerals), the exhaustion by coercion during the year. To avoid muscle cramps, a cocktail of minerals: 16 ounces of combining water, the juice of 2 lemons, 1 tablespoon of honey crude and 1 / 4 to 1 / 2 teaspoon sea salt Natural (available at health food stores); drink while exercising, or if you sweat. (Caution: If you are on a salt diet, consult your doctor before taking this cocktail). Rince water quality toxins in the muscles. Drink 1 cup every 3 hours during the day.

Supplements are well every day for the prevention or treatment of muscle cramps:

Magnesium (as magnesium glycinate) (750 mg)

Calcium (calcium lactate or not form carbonate) (1500 mg)

Vitamin E (400 IU begin to rise slowly until 1000 IU / day), improves blood circulation, especially to the advantage when cramping is due to the fact varices

Vitamin C and bioflavonoids (3000 6000)

Vitamin D (400 IU) for the absorption of calcium

Potassium (99 mg) and resource to relieve muscle cramps

Omega-3 oils (fish or flax) (staging of label), anti-inflammatory

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