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Complementary and Alternative Treatments for Bulimia

Food supplements

Eliminate Junk food and flour from your diet and white and sugar in all its forms. You may experience anxiety, depression, fatigue, headaches, insomnia, and / or irritability for a while, after eliminating sugar.

Many people suffer from eating disorders, a zinc deficiency, which could, in fact, one of the causes of the disease. Heart Finally, the operation will be affected, as a body without schnorrend zinc is within the body, is to consume muscle tissue and the heart. Given that zinc plays an important role in regulating appetite, it is important to complement the food with him, in liquid form, insofar as this is possible. Many bulimics a report of oppression, or elimination, and the desire to binge purge when completed their levels of zinc.

Sea vegetables, such as algae, Nori, and Rotalge, provide'important mineral and vitamin B12 and betacarotene. Other foods, which are rich in minerals are alfalfa, spirulina, blue-green algae, barley and greens. Water consumption is of paramount importance for the healing of this disease, malnutrition, which are often the results of bulimia can be a hindrance to the ability to recognize the body needs for liquid's and lead to a state dehydration. Protein can also add beverages, it is suggested to increase the protein and calories.

Consult with a provider to an individual rehabilitation program, and follow the daily proposals provide a good start:

Most Important

Zinc (50 mg is not exceeded, for a total of 100 mg every allowances)

Copper (3 mg) is needed to balance zinc

Multivitamin and mineral complex (such as health directorate Provider)

Vitamin A (15000 8000)

Carotenoid blended formula (25,000 IU)

Potassium (99 mg), selenium (200 mcg)

In addition, recommended

A formula prodophilus (Trade Marks) are replaced friendly bacteria and protects the liver

From calcium (1500), has a calming effect

Magnesium (750 mg), relaxes the smooth muscles

Free-form amino acid complex (staged as a label), a lack of protein met with a serious problem and bulimia

Vitamin B12 (1 CC 3 times a week or by a physician) and the resource of digestion of food and absorption of nutrients, injections are the best

Vitamin C (5000), all cellular functions and drĂ¼sig

(Ask your doctor about the duration of treatment.)


May meet bulimia homeopathic treatment. However, the selection of a remedymore one is available depends on your symptoms and the stage of the condition. Try not to proceed with this disease. Below is a professional homeopathic.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Bulimia acupuncture can be helped by acupuncture treatment, which focus on the restoration of the body of energy, stress reduction, emotions and the advancement of relaxation and well-being. Several ears and the body are targeted to the specific needs of the customer.

Chinese Herbal Therapy Given that bulimia desolation grows on the immune system, several herbs can, in fact, the body of a new balance, including Angelique, astragalus and ginseng.

Vorgefertigt strengthening immunity promotion network can be found in most food stores. Saussurea most popular are the formula and feeding Amomum stomach pills and vitality combination.

In addition, it is a connoisseur may prescribe herbal formulas for healing and building of the organs of digestion, weakened by repeated 'bingeing and dishwasher. Commune preparations to this end also Stomachic ginseng tablets and Interior formula.

Further herbs can be used to combat the sore throat, fatigue, menstrual disorders from indigestion problems, skin diseases, dehydration, accompany bulimia.

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