Sunday, February 10, 2008

Fighting Mesothelioma Cancer With Alternative Medicine

From research in traditional medicine and therapies for the treatment of cancer mèsothéliome continue at the helm of finding a cure for this disease. At least one alternative is discovered and shows promise for Drugs and traditional therapies such as Alimta and other chemotherapeutic agents, surgery to remove tumors, and radiation therapy, the slowdown in the growth of cancer.

In addition to the conventional treatment methods, a number of treatments of alternative medicine can help reduce symptoms of the disease. Called complementary and alternative medicines, or FAO, the heterogeneous group of medicine and health are options and practices which are not part of mainstream medical practice. But that does not mean it has no effect. Some health care providers from the practice of FAO and two conventional medicine and to link both with good results. This is called integrative medicine. As many as thirty-six per cent of the adult population in the United States are of some form of CAM. This increase of more than sixty percent, if prayer and megavitamin treatment in the definition of complementary and alternative procedures. Prices of alternative therapies are most often used by patients suffering from diseases such as cancer mesothelioma.

Some treatments offered by alternative medicine including acupuncture against pain after surgery for removal of the tumor, ginger in the treatment of nausea and vomiting, causes of chemotherapy, massage for the treatment of pain from All types of cancer, and the combination of the extract of mistletoe with chemotherapy for the treatment of tumors. Immunotherapy, as biological therapy, is also increasingly being. In this therapy, biological substances called modifiers of the response to the improved ability of the immune system to recognize and destroy cancer cells, but also in fighting other diseases.

Photodynamic therapy using a drug, in the light of awareness of the fabric, and then destroys cancer cells in a laser at a certain frequency. Gene therapy is a new, but before, the treatment of potentially fatal diseases, altering the genes of a single therapeutic. The plant-derived drugs, traditional practices from countries such as China and Japan, and spiritual treatments are also in CAM. None of these therapies have the opportunity to directly influence mesothelioma, and whose effects are most often depending on the patient. But it can be a big help in managing the symptoms and side effects from the use of traditional treatments.


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